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Our fleet, consisting of thirteen Cessna Citation Jets (Cj2, Cj2+, Cj3 and Cj4) is available for European flights. These twin-engined business jets of the citation series are available in two cabin classes carrying a maximum of nine passengers. Elegant cabin interior ensures highest comfort.

The exceptionally high technical standard of our fleet is due to consistent maintenance carried out by our own engineering department as well as close collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer Cessna. As experts of this aircraft type, we know every jet in detail and guarantee you maximum reliability.

Cessna Citation Jet 2

With a fleet of twelve Cessna Citation Jets, we guarantee you maximum flexibility. These jets will take a maximum of seven passengers to their destination within Europe – quick and easy.
Range: approx. 2500km (1550 miles)
Pax: max. 7 persons
Standard interior

Cessna Citation Jet 3

Our Cessnat Citation CJ3 can impress with a spacious cabin, an open bar and various entertainment features.
Range: approx. 3500km (2170 miles)
Pax: max. 7 persons
High standard interior

Cessna Citation Jet 4

Our Cessna Citation 4 offers space for nine passengers. In addition to a spacious cabin and various entertainment features, our passengers also have a washroom at their disposal.
Range: approx. 3600km (2230 miles)
Pax: max. 9 persons
High standard interior

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