Our Climate Protection Commitment

Climate protection plays an important role for excellentair. We attach great importance to improving our company processes and the flights we operate to be energy efficient. Our goal is to minimize our company’s environmental footprint as much as possible.

From now on, we will take our commitment a step further: to avoid impacting our climate, we are offsetting the CO2 emissions for all our flights —automatically and with no additional cost to our customers.

Offsetting CO2 emissions is based on the principle of global climate balance: unavoidable emissions that occur in one place can be offset by additional climate protection measures any other place on the planet. This compensation follows a strictly regulated procedure which falls under the long-established umbrella of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and is recognized worldwide.

This makes excellentair the first business jet operator in the light jet segment in Europe to offset emissions from aviation fuel combustion.

Offsetting Emissions with CO2 Compensation through Climate Protection Projects

We support two certified climate protection projects for the generation of environmentally friendly energy in China and India to offset the CO2 emissions of our air travel.

The two projects have been proven to save the exact amount of CO2 produced by the aviation fuel we burned. Both climate protection projects are certified in accordance with the strict Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) guidelines, which validates that these emissions reduction could not have been reached without the support provided through this voluntary CO2 offsetting.

The emission reductions achieved in the projects are regularly verified and confirmed by independent auditors.

In addition to avoiding CO2 emissions, the projects bring other concrete and tangible benefits for society and the environment – for example, they create jobs and avoid air pollutants which would otherwise be produced in conventional power plants.